The Knights of St Columba is a national organisation of Catholic
laymen which exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church
and is dedicated to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. 


We do this in many different ways both within our parish in Market
Harborough and by supporting national and sometimes international


Here in Market Harborough, each member gets involved in a way
that suits his own commitments.  This means that some get involved
in many activities while others may just get involved in one or two. 

Whatever the level of involvement, the important thing is that all
support is greatly appreciated!


Some of the activities we do in Our Lady of Victories include organising
and running the Victory Prize draw, the Ride and Stride event, social
occasions such as the annual Burns Night and Harvest Supper, not to
mention our support of the Parish Bazaar.


But there is much more to us than the activities we arrange.  Although
we come from many walks of life, there is a real sense of family when
we get together as we share one common desire to support each other
and our fellow Catholics both at home and abroad.


We would love to do more in the Parish, especially with our youth,
such as supporting them in some of the pilgrimages to Lourdes and
beyond.  To do this we need the support of more members to help us
enable our young people to make these things happen.


The Knights hold meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.


If you would like to find out more about the Knights and how you can help,
please-mail Keith Shiers at or phone 01858 432753
or Francis Wilson at  or phone 01858 440191.