Our Lady of Victories News



are offered to Dr Ron Clearkin, to his wife Maureen and son Dominic, on the death of Ron’s mother who lived in Southampton. May her gentle soul rest in peace and be rewarded with the joy and fullness of redemption.




The Missionary appeal by a Columban priest, postponed last Sunday because of the very severe weather conditions has now been rearranged for weekend 21st / 22nd of April.




I am writing, and indeed strongly encouraging all our parishioners to prepare for Easter, by celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation, via a Penitential service in our church this Thursday evening at 7.30 pm. In addition to Fr Owen, there will be another three, if not four priests available for individual confession after a communalpreparation. Confession or the Sacrament of Reconciliation as it is now better known, is the Lord’s Sacrament of love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness to us and for us. We all need this Sacrament on our faith journey. Make sure you don’t miss out on this occasion and celebration of God’s mercy and love for you all.




As in previous years Churches Together are again holding the Friday lunchtime Talks and Prayer during Lent and our church will be the host church this year. Each church is asked to provide one person to introduce and close the service with a hymn and prayer and a person to speak for 10 minutes on the theme of  Hope based on Romans 12 v13.  The talks are Lay led by members from the local Churches in town. They are popular and usually very well attended.

16th Feb - Catholic

23rd Feb - Baptist

2nd Feb -  Congregational

9th Mar -  Anglican

16th Mar - HCC

23rd Mar - Methodist




Every Friday in Lent at 12.30 pm, a 20 minute lay led service from Churches Together is in our Church.


Every Friday at 7pm , Stations of the Cross followed by Mass.


Saturday,17th March at 11am - St Patricks Day Mass at St Patricks Church, Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester.


Wednesday, 21st March at St Peter’s Church, Leicester - Deanery Station Mass.


Thursday, 22nd March at 7.30pm - Penitential service at Our Lady of Victories


Monday, 28th March - Mass of the Holy Oils at our Cathedral


Thursday, 29th March - Holy Thursday


Friday, 30th March - Good Friday


Saturday, 31 March - Holy Saturday


Sunday, 1st April - Easter Sunday




organised by LACY, 18th March, 1.30 pm - 6.00 pm. Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, Oaks Road, Coalville, LE67 5UL. Coach from Leicester provided by LACY. All information on departure times and stops plus itinerary of the afternoon can be provided by contacting: Ian Cardwell - 07519 829721; Pauline Payne - 07885 187374; or claudiacoxon@gmail.com




Will all readers who are available and would like to read during the various liturgies in Holy Week, please write your name in the appropriate column for every service you are likely to attend. See the list on the notice board in the Cloister. It will be taken down this Monday, 19th, and the rota for the three days will be put up next weekend.




Not surprising , we had to cancel the Fashion Show scheduled for 2nd March. The good news is we have managed to secure another date with SOS Fashion Shows on Thursday, 21st June. Due to this company’s huge popularity this was the first suitable slot they had available. To everyone who has bought tickets, please keep them in a safe place and make a note in your diaries, Anyone who would like a refund, please bring your tickets to the ticket sales table after Mass.




Announcing a Gala Evening at the Harborough theatre on Monday 16th April in aid of KSC charities. “The Ghost Train” by Arnold Ridley is the play and £12 is the cost of a seat and a buffet after the show. The buffet is provided by the Knights’ ladies and parish friends, a nice way to end the evening. The theatre will be open on the night at 7.15.p.m. with the play starting promptly at 7.45.p.m. There is a lift up to the seating for those who might find stairs difficult. The theatre bar will be open. We are very pleased to have this Gala evening provided by the theatre, as they have on past occasions. The ticket will be on sale after weekend Masses. We usually pack the theatre, so early booking is advisable. 




are now due for collection. Please leave them in the box in the Cloister.


GIFT AID: As we shall shortly be starting a new financial year it is time to ensure all the Gift Aid records are up to date - just in case the Taxman checks! If you would like to start Gift Aiding your donations, the choice is to do so by the weekly envelope system or by arranging a standing order. If you do not want to start please let me know as soon as possible. If you have Gift Aided in the past but no longer pay tax please also contact me. The person who signs the Gift Aid declaration from any household must be the tax payer.




The envelopes for the coming year are now available for collection after Masses. For ease of recording, envelopes numbered 1 to 85 are donation from people who Gift Aid. If the number is higher that 90 it means that you regularly donate via the enveloped but your donations are not gift aided. If you think you are in the wrong group please let me know. Stephen McGlone - 01858 465939.




Team Ghana is made up of a group of sixth form students and staff from St Paul’s School, and they are aiming to raise £50,000 to provide the children of two primary schools in Ghana with fresh water and clean new sanitation facilities.


Team Ghana has been running since 2010 and a team goes out every 2 years to see the huge impact the money that’s been raised has had on the communities there. In that time the school has managed to fund the building of toilet blocks, bore holes and new classrooms for various primary and secondary schools, and also a new extension of a teacher training college, providing teachers to give the children the education that they value and deserve.


Cara Randle, a former pupil of St Joseph’s , and a current Parishioner, is part of the team travelling to Ghana in June. Each member of the 25-strong team has been asked to raise a minimum of £1,500 and contributions from parishioners large or small towards this fantastic cause would be much appreciated! Please see Cara after Mass on Sunday mornings or online, her Just Giving page is, https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/team-ghana-2018




Sunday, 8th April at the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Gleneagles Avenue, Rushey Mead, Leicester, LE4 7ZB. An afternoon of Devotions with Fr Ted Mullen (IC). The afternoon starts at 2.30pm and end with Mass at 5pm. For more info please see poster.




The Mass is the giving of a gift to God.


A husband wants to give a gift to his wife; a child to its parents; a lover to his beloved. Gift-giving is a typical and normal human action. The gift that is given sincerely is a symbol of the giver; the husband, the child, the lover symbolizes by this gift that he is offering himself. Unless it stands for the giver, the gift is empty and hypocritical.


At Mass we give a gift to God. Here, too, the gift stands for ourselves, the givers. In effect, we are offering ourselves to God; we are dedicating our lives to Him. We are placing our lives in His hands, promising to do His will the whole of our lives.


The gift we give to God at Mass is the life of Christ Himself. On Calvary Christ accepted willingly the painful death inflicted upon Him. The acceptance of suffering and death He offered to the Father, but now the whole Church joins Him in making the offering. Startling as it may seem, at each Mass we, with Christ, re-offer to the Father the same gift that Christ offered on Calvary - His own life.


This is our great privilege at Mass: to join with Christ in re-offering His life to the Father; to have a part in the renewal of the action that accomplished the redemption of mankind; to join Christ on Calvary, not only by watching Him offer His life to the Father, but by joining Him in that offering.


The correct attitude with which to come to Mass is one of self-giving, of self-dedication to God. But this particular offering of ourselves to God is incomparably more significant than any other we might make, because this one is joined with the infinitely precious offering of Christ. This is the meaning of the Mass for us.




is finally with us. I don’t know why it has been delayed until now as we were expecting it at the beginning of the year. It is much reduced in size and content and also in price. We are being told that next years will be much larger, more interesting and also more expensive. But now we deal with what we have and hope that all purchasers will enjoy its contents.




a new order of mass cards; Easter cards; First communion cards;  and many, many more kinds, have now be added to our Repository. It is hoped that you will choose our themed cards for the different and varied occasions, rather than more secular and worldly themed ones on sale in our town shops. Also you will find our religious themed cards are much, much cheaper than those on offer in our town shops.




Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


As we begin a new year, I am pleased to commend to you the Nottingham Diocesan Yearbook. I find it such an invaluable source of helpful  information, and carry it everywhere with me in the car as I make my way around the parishes, chaplaincies, schools and religious houses of our scattered but vibrant diocese. I am very grateful therefore, to the Editor, and to all who assist him, for the detailed work that goes into the compiling and editing of this yearbook.  This past year has been full of many celebrations of significant anniversaries in parishes, schools, and amongst the clergy, and I have enjoyed being part of these and learning more about the ‘stories’ and the Holy Cross Priory, Leicester,  of the 800th Anniversary of the Dominicans, and another was the150th Celebration of Our Lady and St Patrick’s Parish, Nottingham. I hope that you will enjoy reading and about some of these in this Yearbook.


Working closely with the been encouraging prayer for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and I have appointed two vocations directors and four area vocations promoters. The Old Friary, with the support of central funds and the goodwill of the parishioners of Our Lady and Saint Edward’s, Nottingham, has been adapted to become a residential place of discernment for young men who are exploring whether God might be calling the to serve him as priests or religious. Youth 2000 accepted an invitation to work with young people in our diocese in organising and leading a most enjoyable and well attended weekend Youth Retreat which, with the generous support of the Headteacher and Staff, took place in St Benedict’s Academy, Derby.


As a legacy of the Year of Mercy, well attended training sessions to raise awareness of the scourge of Modern Slavery, including Human Trafficking, took place in many areas of the diocese. Area groups of parishioners are now beginning to follow up on this, working closely with the police and other local agencies. Pope Francis has called this abuse of human dignity ‘an open wound on the body of contemporary society’.


More on this can be found in the Diocesan Yearbook.


FROM THE BISHOP’S “AD CLERUM” (his monthly letter to his clergy):


FOCUS ON THE EUCHARIST DURING LENT: Please try to help people to understand why the Eucharist is the heart of our understanding of the Church, and how the Lenten themes of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving are all to be found in the Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration. It is Christ whom we truly encounter in the Eucharist who sends us out into our community and wider world to encounter him in the poor and the marginalised, and to respond as we can. Teach your parishioners and those in your chaplaincies about Eucharistic Adoration (there are some good CTS, Redemptorist booklets available) and encourage them, at times they can manage, to drop in for as long as they can. Thank you for all you are doing, I am very grateful.


LENTEN ALMS: I know that you will be thinking of a wide variety of charities to support through the parishes Lenten alms. Given the growing concern in all our cities about the plight of the homeless may I encourage you to consider supporting local charities which seek to alleviate the suffering and anxieties of homeless people, alongside any other worthy causes you may wish to espouse.


DAY OF PRAYER FOR VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS OF ABUSE: The Holy Father, through the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, has asked each Bishops’ Conference around the world to designate a day for prayer and reflection for the victims and survivors of abuse. The Standing Committee of our Bishops’ Conference have agreed that from 2018, the Friday of the 5th Week of Lent should be the Day of Prayer in England and Wales, and the Prayer of the Faithful for Palm Sunday should include an intention for this cause. The Pontifical Commission have produced resources on their website for people to use. Link: http://www.protectionofminors.va/content/tuteladeiminori/en.html




This year marks the 10th anniversary of this annual week of prayer so this particular decade of prayer offers many opportunities for communities and parish groups to join together in prayer, formally and informally. Further information about the week can be sought from Frances Molloy: Email: francesmolloy@pastoralcareproject.org.uk You may wish to publish the Prayer: ‘Loving Father’ written for Dementia Prayer Week by Bishop David McGough, lead Bishop to the Pastoral Care Project, in your parish/chaplaincy bulletin. The prayer is reproduced below:


Loving Father,

You are close to the broken hearted.

Look with compassion on those whose lost

memories have robbed them of home and belonging.

Comfort and strengthen those who care for them.

May they make their home in You.

This we ask through Christ our Lord.




The old pound coins are no longer legal tender, so please do not dispose of them via the collection. Banks, I believe, will no longer accept them. Whilst shops will no longer accept old ten pound notes, the Banks will and so we can accept any you may still wish to dispose of.




to be held at Hinsley Hall, Leeds between 24th - 27th July, a residential course organised by the Knights of St Columba, suitable for youngsters aged between 16 and 23. The theme this year is “Being a Young Catholic Today”. Details can be found on the KSC and parish notice board. Further details from David Baugh on 01858 565404 and/or david99baugh@gmail.com




The governors of St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy, Leicester are seeking to appoint a new headteacher. For further details call Mrs C O’Halloran on 0116 270 6365 or visit www.thomasmoreprimary.org.uk; Closing date: Monday 12th March 2018.




On 21 August 2017, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin launched the preparation year for the World Meeting of Families which is due to take place in Dublin next summer from the 21st to the 26th August 2018. Pope Francis has indicated his intention to be present for the last part of the gathering, including the Final Mass on 26th August. I am aware that a number of people visit Ireland regularly, or have thought about doing so for some time. This could be a wonderful opportunity for those free and able to attend this global Church event. Details of attending and registering for the Meeting, are available on the WMoF website: http://www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/




set by a group from our local Baptist Church: Have you thought about the story behind your clothes? In the West we consume ‘fast fashion’ – discarding clothes with each new season – while, behind the scenes, the factories producing these garments often use slave labour. Long hours, poor or downright dangerous factory conditions and ridiculously small earnings are the reality behind the glitzy catwalks and neon lit stores in our towns and cities. Clothing production also results in a lot of environmental pollution. How could you take a stand this Lent? A group from Market Harborough Baptist Church have come up with a12-point Lent challenge. How many could you commit to trying during the six weeks of Lent (February 14th to March 29th)? Of course, you don’t have to do all of them! But maybe, having tried some of them in Lent, you’d adopt them longer term?


1. De-clutter your wardrobe and take what you don’t want to local charity shops; or hold a ‘bring and swap’ event with friends – everyone brings unwanted items and takes away any items they would wear. Whatever is left goes to a charity shop.


2. Promise yourself to buy no new clothes during Lent (or for the rest of the year) and make a donation instead to Labour Behind The Label, which campaigns to improve workers’ rights.


3. Clean up your labels: what can you buy to wear that’s Fair-trade? Visit the Just Fair Trade shop in Leicester (36 Silver Street) or search for fairly traded clothing online.


4. Change your shopping habits – what clothing can you buy from local charity shops instead of fashion shops? Or try Oxfam online (Oxfam.org.uk/shop).


5. Take up the Six Items Challenge to wear just six items (excluding underwear, sportswear and coats) for six weeks.  


6. Collect together any of your clothes that need mending or altering and decide to do just that – asking a friend to show you, if you don’t know how.




Fr Gregory Tobin (Lourdes Pilgrimage Director) writes: Why not come this year on the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes? The dates are 16th - 20th July 2018. the price includes the full pilgrimage package with a Chartered flight from East Midlands airport, transfers in France, full board at hotels adjacent to the domain and Grotto area, together with the necessary badges, scarves and prayer book. We have a full compliment of medical staff, and an army of young people from the Diocesan universities and schools. The atmosphere is electric as you can imagine and the opportunity is there for a pilgrimage that is both memorable and full of grace.




Lourdes & Nevers: June 9th - 16th 2018.


Full board £500. Travel by Luxury fully are conditioned Silverdale Coach with toilet and free refreshments from Nottingham to Lourdes and Nevers. We will be travelling by P&O Ferry from Dover to Calais. Price include bed and breakfast in Saran  (near Orleans) on the outbound journey and bed, breakfast and evening meal in Nevers on the return journey, full board in the Hotel Irlande in Lourdes and an optional excursion to Gavarnie in the Pyrenee mountains.


The coach will pick passengers up from Nottingham (Cathedral and Holy Spirit, West Bridgford) (Derby (Chaddesden) and Leicester (Southbound services M1 Junction 21). For more information or a booking form please contact Fr John McKay on 0115 981 0320; jmccay1982@yahoo.co.uk


NATIONAL EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS - 7th - 9th September 2018:


The Bishops of England and Wales will hold a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and congress in Liverpool from 7th - 9th September 2018.


Eucharistic Congresses are gatherings of clergy, religious and laity which promote an awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Church. The last International Eucharistic Congress in England was held in 1908 when permission for a public procession of the Blessed Sacrament was refused.


Each Diocesan Bishop has nominated a representative whose task is to disseminate information to parishes, groups, religious communities about the Pilgrimage and Congress (Our representatives are Mrs Julia Palmer and Fr Neil Peoples).


The Eucharistic Congress has been given the title Adoremus: This pilgrimage will bring people together from across the dioceses and further the service of the poor and marginalised in our midst. It will also aim to provide practical resources to develop the mission of the Church in prayer, contemplation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


For more information, please visit the following website address:






tea and a chat, every Tuesday 2.30pm in Octagonal Hall. All welcome, If anyone has a Scrabble game they don’t use please donate to the group. Thank you.




A new group for former carers. Supporting carers whose caring role has come to an end, helping them to rebuild their lives, explore new hobbies, coping strategies make new friends etc.  Every 4th Wednesday of the month. More information call Jackie or Gurjit on 0845 689 9510.




Yes, don’t forget to bring along your used postage stamps and foreign or old coins. We can use them. Just pop them into the box marked for that purpose in the cloister.




If you have been away and want to catch up on what's been happening in the parish you can now read the Parish Newsletters for the previous four weeks.  Click the "Newsletters" button at the top of this page.  You can also download a copy of this week's Newsletter.




We are grateful for your generous support and would ask you to continue with your donations please. The following items are urgently required:


· Fruit Juice

· Tinned Sponge Puddings

· Tinned Meat Pies

· Tinned Meat


All non perishable donations will be appreciated. There is also an urgent need for more volunteers to help at the Foodbank. Those interested can leave their details at the Congregational Church Office on 01858 462376 or via email at jubileefoodbankmh@gmail.com




Great news for Market Harborough. In addition to the Carers Support Group there will now be an Activity Group for people with Dementia. We are looking for people who would like to volunteer for the Activity Group on a Friday morning from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm. You will be involved in welcoming people with dementia and their carers and helping people with dementia to take part in a variety of discussions and activities. Please contact Alison Chaplin of Alzheimer's Society on 0116 231 1111




sell clothes on e-bay to raise funds for their charities.  Last year, thanks to your very generous donations, we raised £1,000 in this way.  Life is busy and we have had very few donations recently.  This is a gentle reminder that we still use this method to fundraise and are most grateful for your donations. When the weather breaks and you get out your winter wardrobe please remember us.  Clothes can be left in our box in the cloisters.  Thank you.




If so please ask your family, or if you are well enough to do so yourself, to let the Catholic Chaplain know that you are there. Otherwise you will not have a visit from the Catholic Chaplaincy or be able to receive Holy Communion. Under the Data Protection Act, the hospital staff can no longer reveal to any chaplain, or to anybody else enquiring, the religion of any patient in their care. The same applies to Residential Homes and other places of care. The onus is now on the patient or their family to inform the Chaplain.


COMMUNITY COMPANIONS - Supporting Older People back into the heart of their communities: 


Voluntary Action South Leicestershire (VASL) has been offering a befriending service in the Harborough District for over 14 years and are keen to recruit more volunteers who could visit an older person for 1 - 2 hours a week. Training and ongoing support are given, and travel costs are covered. If you could volunteer, or you would like a befriender to visit you, please contact Rohini Corfield (Community Champions Project Manager) or Jenny Young on 01858 439262.   More information is available at www.VASL.org.uk/our-projects/community-champions




every Thursday in the Parish room from 11.00 - 11.30 am. All are welcome including dads who wish to meet to pray for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.




The Market Harborough Carers Support Group facilitated by Alison Chaplin meets on the first Friday of every month at 10am at the Coffee Lounge of the Methodist Church on Northampton Road. This group gives carers an invaluable opportunity to share some of their experience of caring for a loved one with dementia. There is also an opportunity to hear about the latest news from Alzheimer’s Society and to look at books and leaflets about dementia, including many written from a Christian perspective. If you or anyone you know is in a caring situation, do let them know about the group. Contact Alison on 0116 031 1111 (alison.chaplin@alzheimers.or.uk). Or just turn up on the day and Alison will be thee to welcome you.


Alzheimer’s Society is also looking for volunteer befrienders in Market Harborough and area. The volunteer befriender enables a person with dementia to participate in an activity they would like to do in the community - perhaps going out for a cup of tea, shopping, going for a walk, doing a sport or taking a class. The befriender needs to be available for a session of up to 4 hours a week between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm Mondays to Fridays. It is useful to be able to drive too. Volunteers will receive induction and ongoing training and support from the Befriending Manager. If you would like to hear more, please contact Alison as above.




The Bower House Christian Counselling Service offers counselling and help to people of the local community. We are open from 9 am to 9 pm and need Support Worker volunteers to offer hospitality within the house as well as some admin. such as answering the phone and taking referrals.  We have a lovely band of volunteers but could do with more help. How will you be spending your time this autumn and winter? Could you offer a three hours slot once a week or once a fortnight? If you are interested please ring Jadz Bower, Chris Hodgson or Jeanette Payne on 01858 469257 or drop in to see us between 9 am and 5 pm.




The Torch Book Club requires sighted people to be part of their group. They meet at the Congregational Church room on 1st Friday of the month from 2-4pm. Book of the month ‘Faith like Potatoes’. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to find out more please contact Angela Butlin 01858 467419.




The developing Church in Africa is in need of Rosary Beads.  If you have a surplus Rosary, or part of a Rosary, beads, or crosses and centre pieces surplus to requirement, please hand them to Vanessa, Lisa or Fr Owen.




Just a reminder that the Third World Group eBay’s clothes in order to raise funds, so if you have been sorting out you wardrobes after incorporating all the Christmas newbie’s please pass your cast-off’s onto us.  We do get money for rags, so everything is most welcome.  Please mark bags clearly with “For 3rd World”.  Thank you for your continuing support.




wish to thank each and everyone for their gifts to the “LIFE SHOP”.  When bringing in goods for the LIFE SHOP, can they be clearly marked with “LIFE” on the outside of the plastic bag.  Small items of furniture will also be welcome, but please contact the Life Shop direct for collection.  Please DO NOT place small furniture in the Cloister for collection.




Our Diocesan advisors have informed us that legacies left in wills, directly to the parish, should really be directed to the  registered charity.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham is the registered charity.  The advice given, is to encourage parishioners contemplating leaving a legacy via their will to their parish, and to make sure the parish will be the beneficiary , is to direct the legacy to the Registered Charity - the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham with strict instruction that it is (in our case) for the parish of Our Lady of Victories, Market Harborough.




Torch Trust is an international Christian Mission that aims to help people with sightless to discover faith in Christ and live fulfilling Christian lives.  They are continually developing their service for blind and partially sighted people and as a result the volunteer needs are also changing.   Perhaps you know someone who has recently retired and is looking to use their gifts and skills, honed in the workplace, in a new avenue.  Or perhaps you know someone who has been long termed unemployed, volunteering can help to raise self esteem and build new skills that can go on the CV with a view of getting back into work.  Further information on what volunteering role are available can be found on the poster on the notice board.


"The Lord's Day" -


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